The Gamer Traveler

Some Simple Travel Games

Few people can understand why others need to be busy themselves playing games while traveling. One of the reasons people do so is due to the long extended journeys of the days and the need to be kept entertained as well.

Code names

This is a card game that stresses the need to be on the same wavelength.  The idea is to guess outcomes to the cards that are set out on the table to be read.  In the end it is a puzzle game that needs figuring out the outcome. The game is played in teams and the team leader is called the spymaster. It is this spymaster that controls the game from start to finish. 

The card game is set in the form of a crime thriller with a large number of bystander groups to distract the person from the final aim. This is an engrossing game for those willing to take the time and effort to match wit for wit.

Secret Hitler

When people often tire of a game of bluff, then the natural tendency is to turn to other alternatives and in various forms as well. The game secret Hitler is an effort at trying to find out who among the players has the Hitler card and through a series of deceit.

If ever there were a card game that made glory of the need to lie to people, then this is it. The strength of the game lies in that it can be used to good effect by the most groups of players as well as individual ones too.

Connect 4

Here the introduction of a game carrousel would mean that people can afford to be a bit lax in finding a solution to the game. A simple plastic stand ensures that the players can tend to be lax with placing the due colors to the game members.

The final aim is to get four colored discs all lined up in a straight line. This is a game of checkers but turned on the side.  There is little restrictions as to how many folks can play with the game and can range from two to maybe up to ten.

When it is sturdiness that is the watchword, then the Connect 4 would be one of the many to be considered in the modern entertainment world.

How To Pick The Best Traveling Games?

Despite the prevalence of faster and speedier modes of transport, the traveler is often put on a dilemma on how to spend the time traveling from place A to place B.  Some of the most desirable characteristics of the travel game is as listed out below.


It would not serve the very purpose if the game in consideration does not get to be compact in size. Since most traveling does not involve heavy luggage or that most folks look to lighten the load, it is crucial that the games being carried around is compact in size and shape.

Simple to play

Whatever be the game under consideration, it would not help to have anything that is cumbersome to play but is simple in the rules of engagement and playing.  Something like the card game, bridge is never considered to be a traveler’s game as it is too complicated to play for most people. It further needs an elaborate dealer board to start the game and take it to completion.

Easy to set up

Now there would be few games that are so hard to set up that it need not consider being one of the traveler games. This could be true of the game of monopoly that kids and the young at heart play to good effect.  With one of the most complex of setting it up and running, few people would want to consider it as a travelers game for the most parts.

Understandable rules

If the rules of engagement of the game are such that it takes the most parts of the players to take stock of the game, it would have few takers for it.  One of the most attractive parts to card games is that they follow very simple to use rules which do not need much of a rule book to play by.  Sometimes it is found that adaptations of field games would mean that the complexities of the games are such that it does not have the desired effect on most instances. Murphy Glass for instance have understandable rules on their service that is why their clients come back to them for another glass services.

The rules of engagement for a game are meant to be used to good effect by the practitioners of the game most of the time.  If the game gets to be too complex that it cannot be played to the desired level then the very purpose of the game is defeated.

Continuity of game

Instances are all over when a particular game could not be completed on time or within the stipulated period of the travel. It helps to have a continuity factor that allows the games to be carried over to the outside arena to be continued. Perhaps after the travel part is long over.


Although it is difficult to understand the reasons for people to be playing most of the games, the saner elements among the travelers tend to stick to predetermined games for the travels. The reason that card games are a strong point to people travels point to its simplicity and ease of setting it up.