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Some Simple Card Games For The Traveler

Some of the card games are more simple than most and it takes little to learn of the new techniques. Discussed at length are some of the more notable card editions as is the methods to playing them.


This is a versatile card game that can be used for upto eight people at a time. One of the most attractive parts of the game is that it is possible to be flexible in the approach and to introduce certain minor variations in them. Most of the moves are simple mix and match and few people can fail to grasp what the game is all about.

Doodle is often based on pictures and numbers to make the play. There would not be much people that have used Doodle and not wonder at how the matter can be laid out so simply. Despite this there can be no denying that it is possible to have some of the most memorable moments of all time.

Monopoly Deal

Taken from the full blown Monopoly, the deal version is meant to be something for the frequent traveler most of the time. The rather large sized board has been replaced by a simpler and more compact board and light weight too.

Few people can get to believe that it is possible to have a range of trade games all trying to make millionaires of people. But the monopoly is meant to be the grand-daddy of the trade games and have been so for a while now.


At the most basic level, Skull is nothing but a card game that is meant for the smaller groups. Each person is dealt a circular card and with three options to choose from. It is in deciding how the options have to be made that the success of the person is brought out to the players.

This can be a boisterous game at best with each individual trying to outdo the rest as far as possible. Skull is one for the road for the fact that few people can understand the basic structure when playing for the long term.

There is little to limit the numbers of players involved in a game but most people do use more than a single deck to create the game flow. It is at the end of the day a take from a more popular game called bluff.


The most attractive part to this word game is the rather cute carry case which is shaped like a large banana.  Few people can find fault in the presentation of the material and often it is a convenient shape to carry around on travel too.

Like all word games, the aim is to create complete words and with it the resultant points to the field. This is something for the younger lot as with the older folks who seek to find not just a past time but a more relaxed working too.

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